Imagine inviting 10 of your close friends out for an adventure. Everyone boards your beautiful, and comfortable yacht. You chart a course to cruise down a coast. Incredible views combined with the comforts of a full kitchen, multiple restrooms, staterooms for all your guests, plenty of room to lounge, a stocked bar, music, good food and a good company. You go where you want. When the sun goes down, you pull into a beautiful marina, tie up at the guest dock and walk over to the waterfront restaurant with all your friends for a fantastic dinner

Dubai: $350 million  – 5 position

This 530-foot long yacht belongs to His Highness Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. The vessel includes jacuzzis, a swimming pool, an SPA-salon, VIP and guests suits, a helipad and glass staircases that change colour with the light that enters from the top deck.

Azzam: $650 million  – 4 position

Azzam is known to be not only “the most complex and challenging yacht that has ever been built” but to be one of the fastest, reaching the speed of more than 30 knots. For the moment there is not much information available about this spacious 590-foot yacht, except that its interior was designed by French decorator Christophe Leoni.

Streets of Monaco: $1.1 billion – 3 position

The name says it all.  This is a floating replica of the city of Monaco. This extraordinary 500-foot long yacht features a large number of swimming pools; cafes; a spa; library; basketball/tennis courts, which can be used as a helipad. There are few parking spaces for smaller yachts and even, attention!  a submarine! If you ever get bored with hanging out on the ocean’s surface, the submarine is at your disposal. The yacht features VIP guest suites for 16 guests, including the main room of the owner.

Eclipse $1.5 billion  – 2 position

The yacht belongs to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.  Eclipse measures 536 feet long. Beside 24 guest cabins, two helicopter pads, two swimming pools, jacuzzis and a disco hall, the vessel is equipped with anti-paparazzi shield and intruder detection systems and a missile defence system.

History Supreme: $4 billion – 1 position

Finally, number one most expensive yacht is the History Supreme. The project was commissioned to UK luxury designer Stuart Hughes and it took 3 years to complete this super expensive 100-foot vessel. The deck, dining area, rails, and an anchor – are all made of precious metals. The base of the vessel was wrapped in thin layer of gold to embrace this huge section. The main sleeping quarter was adorned with platinum accents. In total, this luxury liner features no less than 100,000 kg of different precious metals. Allegedly, it was purchased by an anonymous Malaysian businessman.

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7 reasons to buy iPhone 4 in 2018

It’s 2018 now, and iPhone 4 is now considered obsolete, and its screen is small too. But in fact, it’s quite worth buying (a used one or at a reduced price on the Internet).

Of course, for such money, you can now buy almost any new budget device. However, budget devices operate on Android, and Android does not work very well in budget devices.

The smartphone from Apple runs on iOS that is perfectly optimized and works without freezing. This smartphone is ideal for people who buy the phone for calling and surfing the Internet!

Buy iPhone 4 cheaper than anywhere else today – visit!

The best deals ever are made on Jiji: after all, the largest assortment in the country is offered here, the products are offered only by real sellers; there’s also a search system with filters as well as the possibility of fast connection with the sellers right on the site. Moreover, Jiji’s anti-scam protection system is really perfect!

Buy iPhone 4 cheaper on jiji


There’s no need to say anything about the design: after all, it was Steve Jobs who worked on this phone calling this model the best and most convenient smartphone. The iPhone 4 still looks stylish even today.

Apple iPhone 4 Black 8 GB for Sale


The assembly is very high-quality and durable, the smartphone itself is made of metal and glass, it does not have a protective glass, but it’s quite shock-resistant.


The display here, though small, is very high-quality, the viewing angles are simply stunning, and you can get used to the screen, it’s compact and neat. However, this phone is rather heavy, and if you buy the new iPhone it will be both more powerful and lightweight.


iPhone 4 Back In Color 32GB


Despite its age, the smartphone makes excellent pictures, much better than those shot with Chinese budget devices. iPhone 4 can shoot video in FullHD quality. In 2011 this camera was simply excellent, and even now it still remains a high-quality one.


This model was the first iPhone ever to feature Siri voice assistant and this smartphone enables you to use it in your mother tongue.

New Apple iPhone 4 Black 8 GB


IPhone 4 supports iOS 8 and 9, although the ninth version will work better on the 4S model since it is more powerful. IPhone 4 will not support the new version of iOS 10, only iPhone 5c or 5s will be able to update to this version. However, it is not really necessary to install the new version of iOS.


With the games, the smartphone is surprisingly good, iPhone 4 can start GTA SA without any delay while a budget Android in this price segment will be able to run this game at low settings or with heavy freezing.

Clean UK Used iPhone 4 16gb


Buying iPhone 4 at a low price you get:

  •         Excellent and beautiful interface;
  •         Stable iOS 7;
  •         Excellent performance and multitasking;
  •         High speed of work and build quality.

This legendary smartphone is nice to use in every respect. A Chinese budget device is highly unlikely to provide you with such a quality!


iPhone 4 price in Nigeria

Apple iPhone 4 Black

Apple iPhone 4 Black 16 GB for Sale

Apple iPhone 4 Silver 16 GB

Apple iPhone 4 16GB

Toyota RAV4 Review

list of top offers Toyota Rav4 in Nigeria – see the prices – click the images 

The Toyota RAV4

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drove the little SUV campaign in Australia after its dispatch in 1994, beginning a move in Australian auto purchasing propensities, from standard vehicles and wagons to a pile of street centred SUVs.

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Current costs extend from $29,450 for the RAV4 GX (2WD) to $50,500 for the RAV4 Cruiser (4×4).

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The RAV’s mix of city-prepared measurements and rough terrain demands, alongside the inside space of a major hatchback, made it a moment hit, influencing Australians by the thousands. Developing into all the more an average sized SUV over progressive ages, the RAV4 is presently offered as a five-entryway SUV just, instead of its two-entryway inceptions. Purchasers can pick amongst petroleum and diesel motors, two and four-wheel-drive, and a scope of particular levels.

Toyota RAV4 Audits

Manager’s Pick

Toyota RAV4 2018 audit

Toyota RAV4 2018 audit

24 November 2017 by Subside Anderson

You can’t stop, regardless of whether you’re frequently number one on an auto purchaser’s rundown and your name is Toyota. Notoriety is hard-won and effectively lost, and the Japanese organization hasn’t dropped the ball.Read more

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Toyota RAV4 GX 2018 audit

Toyota RAV4 GX 2018 audit

24 November 2017 by Subside Anderson

The RAV4 set the standard for the medium-measure SUV to advertise before there even was oneRead more

Toyota RAV4 Cruiser 2018 survey: depiction

Toyota RAV4 Cruiser 2018 survey: depiction

24 November 2017 by Dwindle Anderson

The RAV4 Cruiser is the highest point of the range RAV4, accessible in 2.5-liter petroleum and 2.2-liter diesel, them two six-speed automatics and all-wheel drive.Read more

Toyota RAV4 GXL 2018 survey

Toyota RAV4 GXL 2018 survey

24 November 2017 by Dwindle Anderson

Toyota is accustomed to grabbing hold of a market section and giving it a decent old throttle.Read more


This week CarsGuide family proofreader, Nedahl Stelio, drove the Toyota RAV4 GXL AWD 2.5L petroleum SUV, and there wasn’t a mess to gripe about. Yet, there wasn’t a great deal to sing about, either.Read more

Toyota RAV4 GX 2WD 2016 survey

Toyota RAV4 GX 2WD 2016 survey

14 September 2016 by Richard Berry

Richard Berry street tests and surveys the 2016 Toyota RAV4 GX 2WD with specs, fuel utilization and verdict.Read more

Toyota RAV4 Cruiser 2016 survey

Toyota RAV4 Cruiser 2016 survey

27 May 2016 by Dwindle Barnwell

Dwindle Barnwell street tests and surveys the Toyota RAV4 Cruiser with specs, fuel utilization and verdict.Read more

Toyota RAV4 GXL AWD petroleum 2016 survey

Toyota RAV4 GXL AWD petroleum 2016 survey

18 April 2016 by Craig Jamieson

Craig Jamieson street tests and surveys the refreshed Toyota RAV4 GXL AWD Petroleum with specs, fuel utilization and verdict.Read more

Toyota RAV4 GXL AWD petroleum 2016 audit: Top 5 motivations to purchase video

Toyota RAV4 GXL AWD petroleum 2016 audit: Top 5 motivations to purchase video

4 Walk 2016 by Richard Berry

Richard Berry features the main five motivations to by the Toyota RAV4 GXL.Read more

Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-5 AWD 2016 survey

Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4 and Mazda CX-5 AWD 2016 survey

SUVs are on track to overwhelm traveller auto deals without precedent for Australian car history. Deals for SUVs developed by a stunning 19.5 for each penny in January, while traveller auto conveyances dropped by 11.5 for each penny. The interest? Taller driving.

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Basic rules of choosing a suitcase

In this post, we will talk about the basic principles of choosing a suitcase.

When choosing a suitcase you should define the desired size. You should choose the size of a suitcase considering the limits on the weight and dimensions that exist in most airline carriers.

For example, the size of the carry-on luggage is usually limited to a height of 55 cm, the width of 40 cm and depth of 20 cm, weight should not exceed 8 kg.

Transportation of large suitcases with the sum of measurements of more than 158 cm and weight of more than 23 kg,  may have a separate cost, and it’s usually quite a large sum.

Once you’ve determined the size, you need to decide what would be the material of your suitcase, usually, you will have to choose between plastic and textile models. Other materials are also used in the production of modern suitcases, but typically their characteristics make the purchase of such a product inappropriate. Metal (aluminium) suitcase is heavy and pricey.

Suitcase of leather or imitation of leather will come to taste to buyers focused on attractive appearance, but such materials lose their attractiveness after a contact with “forged boot” of airport movers. Such traditional materials as wood and cardboard are almost not used in the manufacture of suitcases.

Next, you need to choose the cart: classic 2 wheels or 4 wheels “spinner”. There are also multi-wheel uniaxial trolleys, but we do not recommend considering them because of their insecurity and fragility.

Check if there is a lock. It can be coded or have a key, built-in or mounted. And recently there appeared TSA locks. Their design provides the ability to access services of airport security to screen the luggage without damage.

You should also pay attention to the possibility of increasing the volume of a suitcase, usually, it is a sliding zipper in the lid of a suitcase, it adds 10-20% of volume. But in a larger version, a suitcase is less stable.

Often, suitcases are equipped with three handles: telescopic pull-out one and two fabric ones (or plastic ones, depending on model). Make sure that the fabric ones has been securely sewn and reinforced with rivets.

When choosing a suitcase to be sure to check how the handle lies in your hand. If it is not suitable for you when a suitcase is empty, it will be even worse when it is full. The extendable handle should retract completely into the housing so that it doesn’t get broken during transportation. Remember that most often retractable handles are broken due to mishandling: after sliding you need to fix it with the special button, and then roll.

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5 most anticipated games for PS4 this summer

In the summer of 2018, the fans of PlayStation 4 expect of a large number of biggest hits that will ensure their sleepless nights and a multitude of pleasant memories.

What games were considered the best by experts, critics and fans? All the answers are in this post!

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Genre: Quest / Arcade / Spacecraft simulator

Release date: May 30, 2017

You will have to transform into one of the crewmembers of USS Aegis spacecraft and search a new home for the surviving population of Vulcan, the destroyed planet.

The game features high realism and maximum cinematography shown in Star Trek: Bridge Crew scenes.

And the key to success in the missions accomplishment is the coordinated work of the whole team!

Tekken 7

Genre: Action (Fighting)

Release date: May 2, 2017

Tekken 7 is the seventh part of the legendary fighting game. According to the creators, it will offer its fans a grim story in the spirit of the fourth part and will be entirely devoted to the problems of the Mishima family.Among the declared newcomers are Kazumi Mishima and Akuma.

The mechanics of combat underwent minor changes. When the character’s health level reaches a critical level, he can bring down a number of killer attacks on his opponent causing 30-40% damage (“Rage Art”). The second – Power Crush – acts as something like an advanced version of the counterattack.

Tekken 7 runs on Unreal Engine 4, so the graphics are virtually unbeatable!

Alien: Covenant Virtual Reality Experience

Genre: Action / Quest

Release date: May 2017

As you guess from the title, the game is created in the “Alien” universe for helmets of virtual reality. The game will be released at the time of the premiere of the film “Alien: Covenant”, and it will explore the story of the film on a deeper level. We will take a closer look at the “depths of the universe”, as the authors of the project promise.

As for the gameplay, it will be a classic horror with the exploration of locations and hide-and-seek with Aliens. The movie and the game will both be released in May 2017.

DiRT 4

Genre: Racing / Driving (4-wheels, off-road)

Release date: June 6, 2017

The race will take place in five corners of the planet – Spain, Sweden, Australia, Michigan (USA) and Wales. There will be about fifty racing cars: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, Audi Sports Quattro S1 E2, Ford Fiesta R5. In addition to the usual rally, there will be the truck and buggies races.

Among the innovations is the generator of Your Stage tracks. It will allow you to create your own maps without designing a route. Instead, it will set parameters, for example, the type of location, the complexity of the site, the distance, the time of the day, and so on.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind

Genre: RPG / Addon / MMO

Release date: June 6, 2017

The add-on events take place 700 years before the start of Morrowind, which allows players to explore the game world before the arrival of another protagonist, and even partially affect it – PvP, home buying, etc. – you’ll have dozens of hours of gameplay!

In addition, a new “Sentinel” class (travelling with the bear) became available so that the newcomers to the game will be very happy.

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How to overcome fear of interview

Searching for a job can be extremely intimidating. Doesn’t matter how intelligent you are and how good you are of carrying on a good and professional conversation, yet fear of interview can keep you from going after the kinds of jobs that you would like to have. However, applying to many job positions and simply going to many interviews will teach not to be that afraid anymore.


Preparation is possibly the easiest way to conquer your fear of interviews. Certainly in some cases some nervousness is a good thing, and can even make you perform at a higher standard, however, a fear of interviews becomes a problem when you find yourself completely overwhelmed and debilitated by your fears. By preparing thoroughly for your interview, you will feel more in control of the situation, and ready for whatever your interviewer will throw at you!


Before you leave the house, do a simple breathing exercise. With one hand on the chest and the other on the belly, take a deep breath in through the nose and let your belly push your hand out. Your chest should not move. Do this breathing 3 to 10 times. Take your time with each breath.

Sell yourself

Put all your efforts to show the interviewer what qualities make you stand out from other applicants. Play to your strengths, and always be positive. Use this moment to emphasize your best qualities and impress your potential employer, without coming across as pushy and self-important. Because at the end of the day, the point of the interviews is getting your interviewer to like you, and want to hire you.

Body image

Your body must broadcast confidence. Straighten your shoulders, raise your chin and put a smile on your face. Remember how great self-confidence feels and stick to the role. Before entering the room, say to yourself: “Yes! I’m handsome/pretty and smart. I’m going to enjoy the conversation, not the result.”

And the last, but not the least, Do not let the desperation to get to you. At the end of the day, an interview is just one interview of many. If one goes not as great as you would like to, that is completely okay, no one will die. Your future will not immediately become a bleak and terrible place if you do not perform perfectly in this one. There will be others, and until then polish up on your interview skills!