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Basic rules of choosing a suitcase

In this post, we will talk about the basic principles of choosing a suitcase.

When choosing a suitcase you should define the desired size. You should choose the size of a suitcase considering the limits on the weight and dimensions that exist in most airline carriers.

For example, the size of the carry-on luggage is usually limited to a height of 55 cm, the width of 40 cm and depth of 20 cm, weight should not exceed 8 kg.

Transportation of large suitcases with the sum of measurements of more than 158 cm and weight of more than 23 kg,  may have a separate cost, and it’s usually quite a large sum.

Once you’ve determined the size, you need to decide what would be the material of your suitcase, usually, you will have to choose between plastic and textile models. Other materials are also used in the production of modern suitcases, but typically their characteristics make the purchase of such a product inappropriate. Metal (aluminium) suitcase is heavy and pricey.

Suitcase of leather or imitation of leather will come to taste to buyers focused on attractive appearance, but such materials lose their attractiveness after a contact with “forged boot” of airport movers. Such traditional materials as wood and cardboard are almost not used in the manufacture of suitcases.

Next, you need to choose the cart: classic 2 wheels or 4 wheels “spinner”. There are also multi-wheel uniaxial trolleys, but we do not recommend considering them because of their insecurity and fragility.

Check if there is a lock. It can be coded or have a key, built-in or mounted. And recently there appeared TSA locks. Their design provides the ability to access services of airport security to screen the luggage without damage.

You should also pay attention to the possibility of increasing the volume of a suitcase, usually, it is a sliding zipper in the lid of a suitcase, it adds 10-20% of volume. But in a larger version, a suitcase is less stable.

Often, suitcases are equipped with three handles: telescopic pull-out one and two fabric ones (or plastic ones, depending on model). Make sure that the fabric ones has been securely sewn and reinforced with rivets.

When choosing a suitcase to be sure to check how the handle lies in your hand. If it is not suitable for you when a suitcase is empty, it will be even worse when it is full. The extendable handle should retract completely into the housing so that it doesn’t get broken during transportation. Remember that most often retractable handles are broken due to mishandling: after sliding you need to fix it with the special button, and then roll.

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